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By Babysits
8 min read

Would you describe yourself as an expert babysitter or a beginner? If you successfully want to find a babysitting job through Babysits, you should definitely take our second babysitting quiz to prove how good you are with children!

You probably have already taken our first babysitting quiz based mainly on the basic skills that a good babysitter should have. If not, take it now and create a profile if you haven't done it yet, before continuing to read.

Babysits is a childcare platform that connects babysitters and parents around the world. Finding a babysitting job is as simple as creating a profile and starting a conversation with the parents in your area. Easy, right? But there are some important details to take into account to get noticed by the parents.

Babysitting quiz: how to be a good babysitter on Babysits

With our quiz, you will understand if you took the right steps. There are only 11 questions, some of which also include the new feature about remote babysitting.

Only one answer is right, so think carefully before you reply. Remember to get a pencil or a pen and a paper to write down the number of correct answers you get! Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Question 1 - Your name is Lily and you are a university student. You already had experience as a babysitter because you used to babysit your little cousins until 2 years ago. Which of the below descriptions do you think fits better?

  • A) “Hi, my name is Lily! I am currently studying and since I have some free time, I would like to find a job as a babysitter. I also have experience with kids!”

  • B) “Hi, my name is Lily! I am a second year student at university and, given my free time, I would like to work again alongside children. Before starting university, I used to babysit my little cousins and I would love to know other children and play with them!”

  • C) “Hi there! I really need to find a job because I love playing with kids. I am also available for house chores.”

Answer B)

Question 2 - You are about to contact some families in your area. What would you include in your profile picture? (Remember: the profile picture is the first impression you usually give to the parents)

  • A) Some Instagram filters (kids maybe love that!)

  • B) You with a child, showing how good you are as a babysitter

  • C) You alone, smiling in front of a white background

Answer C)

Question 3 - You really want to make a good first impression, so you decide to make a profile video. How would you make this one?

  • A) You say your name, how old you are and when you are available

  • B) You start singing “Mamma mia” (who doesn’t love Abba??)

  • C) You use 40 seconds to introduce yourself and explain your best qualities

Answer C)

Babysitting quiz: how to be a good babysitter on Babysits

Question 4 - You really want to make the best out of it, so you are motivated to be visible and be shown in higher results. What should you do?

  • A) You log in everyday

  • B) You earn all the badges and ask for references

  • C) You select all the availabilities in your profile

Answer B)

Question 5 - Babysitting isn’t just about watching out for the children, but implies multiple skills like for example crafting. How do you specify that?

  • A) You write down in the description the different activities you would do with the children and you also select the specific filters regarding your skills.

  • B) You write down in the description what you are not comfortable with in order to warn in advance the family.

  • C) You select all the skills available, because you are good at everything.

Answer A)

Question 6 - You are finally ready to contact the families that live nearby. How should you approach them?

  • A) You briefly introduce yourself and try to customize the message for each parent, based on their needs.

  • B) You should download the app because they can only see your messages from there.

  • C) You copy paste the description of the profile in each message.

Answer A)

Question 7 - Your messages were successful! Congratulations, but the family wants to see you before you start working for them!

  • A) You propose that you meet at your place for the appointment, because you feel more comfortable.

  • B) You set up a date and a place based on the mutual needs, maybe with the help of the appointment planner.

  • C) You propose to them to meet at their place to see each other and discuss the babysitting tasks.

Answer B)

Babysitting quiz: how to be a good babysitter on Babysits

Question 8. Not all users may be looking for what they say in their description. Unfortunately, some people are scammers. What would you do if you see something suspicious?

  • A) You send a report to the Babysits platform, explaining the reason why the profile seems suspicious.

  • B) You text all of your friends who sign up at Babysits, saying that the user is a scammer.

  • C) You don’t reply to the scammer anymore.

Answer A)

Question 9. The parents chose you, but they want to start remotely. How would you prepare?

  • A) You ask the parents to have a virtual call in advance to get to know each other and then you write down some ideas for activities to do remotely.

  • B) The only important thing to do is to make sure that the webcam works.

  • C) You specify that you prefer to meet in person because you are afraid that the child will not listen to you during the virtual babysitting.

Answer A)

Question 10. Imagine you are babysitting a child virtually. You are really good at playing the piano and the parents asked you to teach their child some basic lessons. How would you do that?

  • A) You send a video tutorial with virtual piano lessons and in the meantime you explain how it works.

  • B) Get the child excited for the new lesson and start to teach the basics letting the child look at you.

  • C) Get the child excited for the new lesson and start to teach the basics, position the webcam on the piano keyboard.

Answer C)

Question 11. Your babysitting experience with the family went really well. But now they don’t need you anymore, so you are about to look for another babysitting job.

  • A) You ask the family for a review on the platform, waiting afterwards for other parents to notice you.

  • B) You ask the family for a review on the platform and you also leave a review on their profile. You also update your experience in your Babysits profile and start to be active again on the platform.

  • C) You start to contact other families, mentioning in the message that you already have experience through Babysits.

Answer B)

Babysitting quiz: how to be a good babysitter on Babysits

Congratulations the quiz is over! Check out your result:

Babysitting quiz: how to be a good babysitter on Babysits

  • BEGINNER: you probably created a profile via Babysits just recently and you still don’t know how things actually work better for you! But don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered! Take a look at how to write a good profile on Babysits because your profile is like your business card and your first chance to be noticed by the parents.

  • INTERMEDIATE: you are actually quite good at it, but some things can still be improved. Your profile is probably amazing and you also got the opportunity to start a conversation with the parents in your area. But maybe the babysitting appointment didn’t go as planned? Or you felt uncomfortable during your first virtual babysitting? Check out our tips for babysitters to make the best out of it!

  • ADVANCED: you are a pro and we don’t need to teach you anything! Maybe you can leave us a review, so we know how to make the babysitting experience even better!

Following our advice, your chances to find a babysitting job are definitely higher.

So how can you be a good babysitter? For more tips about the Babysits platform, check out the other articles in our Platform Tips category.

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